03-19 05, 2023

Vilnius Townhall, Lithuania
Oil painting

The art exhibition "Maler" presents a large part of more than a hundred works painted by Petras Vaitiekūnas in the last 40 years. The name of the exhibition is not accidental - Petras Vaitiekūnas for a certain moment of time was followed by KGB agents, who gave him the nickname “Maler” which translates to “the painter” from both Russian and German. Physist by education, Vaitiekūnas, participated in secret resistance activities during the Soviet era - he published independent press (in Russian “samizdat”) not only from Lithuania, but from various other countries.

This exhibition has a noble purpose. Five selected paintings will be auctioned in Vilnius Townhall on 19 May, 2023 and anyone who wants can buy these artworks. There will also be a "silent auction", where it will be possible to purchase even more artworks of P. Vaitiekūnas by offering a price in writing. The proceeds from the artworks will be used to provide psychological help to Ukrainians facing various war traumas.

The exhibition is a part of a series of events, organized by the Andrei Sakharov Research Center for Democratic Development to commemorate the birthday of Andrei Sakharov.